Awaken Creativity

We are believers in the power of creativity. Helping you discover more creativity will improve your life in every way. Mobile devices have given us incredible new freedoms and we imagine a time when you will be able to accomplish powerful creative tasks using just a phone.

We make creativity easy, everywhere.


Make guitars, not violins

Violins are beautiful instruments. They can bring you to tears in a song or terrify you in a horror movie. But they are hard to learn. We like guitars. Anyone can pick up a guitar and play a few chords, but it's also possible to play face-melting guitar solos. We love this spectrum of possibility and it’s how we are building Over. You can pick up our products and make something interesting and also have the ability to make a masterpiece.

Story Matters

We work hard to make our company story meaningful and exciting. It’s hard. It’s not always fun. There are big, scary challenges. And that’s what makes a great story. We throw ourselves at hard problems, intense risk, and painful conflict. We do it because we love the story. It’s worth it.

Go big AND go home

We value both. We want to work hard and build an amazing company. We also want to live healthy lives filled with family, adventure, and experience. This is a critical source of our creativity and motivation. It is also a rare, interesting story. We love it, and want others to have it too.

Update on Over for Android

We have removed Over from the Play Store while we work on creating a better Android experience for you. Coming 2018!